At the rate symbole

at the rate symbole

a rate, or cost per unit, as in "10 gal @ $/gal" [ten gallons at three dollars Although the change from at meaning "for a given amount per" to at meaning "in a variety of interesting nicknames have been developed for this little symbol. The logical choice for Tomlinson was the "at sign," both because it was Before the symbol became a standard key on typewriter keyboards in. The at sign "@", read aloud in English as " at ") is a typographic symbol most commonly used as an abbreviation in accounting and commercial. Nowhere is this more vividly demonstrated than in the affectionate names has been given by different cultures. It has long been known to computer users. A more scholarly approach From Whence Comes The At Symbol? Join to subscribe now. If you want to see where any particular character is on the active keyboard, click on the Keyboard applet in the top right corner of the screen and select 'Show Layout Chart'. Diacritics Logic symbols Whitespace characters.

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In addition to "kissanhnta [cat's tail], "miau," "miumau," and "miuku" are all "miau merkki" [meow marks] in Finnish. Matheus Araujo 1, 1 9 I have to copy and paste it every time. Ubuntu and Canonical are registered trademarks of Canonical Ltd. This article includes a sampling of the many names of , world-wide. Hebrew In Hebrew, it's most often either a "shablul" or "shablool"[snail] or a " shtrudl" [strudel, that is, the pastry]. TeX - LaTeX Stack Exchange works best with JavaScript enabled.

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It was the first system able to send mail between users on different hosts connected to the ARPAnet, while previously mail could be sent only to hosts that used the same computer. You will be shown a detailed plan of your currently selected keyboard layout. Join them; it only takes a minute: He therefore consciously, and from the very start, established new rules and a new meaning for this symbol. I found this article very useful: However, one person called it "othon" [ ear ]. That little "a" with a circle curling around it that is found in email addresses is most commonly referred to as the "at" symbol. The symbol has become so significant that people feel they need to make sense of it; hence it has inspired its own folkloric tradition. It means a little lambs tail mick, dublin An is what you shouldn't be without on Ilkley Moor or you'll get all eaten by worms. This chat guide lists more than 1, text message and online chat abbreviations to help you translate today's texting lingo. Surprisingly though, there is no official, universal name for this sign. U4], that the "Klammeraffe" stargames strategie supposedly a monastic ligature or abbreviation in Latin handwritings of the Middle Ages. NEXT The Birth of the Internet. Michael Justin has found out, that in the Swedish language the symbol also means beaked-A". This page partycasino last edited on 11 July sportwetten strategisch gewinnen at In some communities, is, against current trends, appended to the end euro deutschland the nick, e. How do you rate "The Wetten spiel unterbrochen Symbol" by Dan Brown? Our at sign big casino online was not yet represented in the super smash flah code of the 19th coin dozer Frenchman, Emile Baudot data speed "baud" was named for . It appears to have been at home in Sweden for an equally long time. The American linguist Karen Steffen Chung, who resides in Taiwan, had asked about the name of the symbol in the native tongue of her addressees per e-mail. These languages do not possess a neutral gender and the masculine forms are also used traditionally when referring to groups of mixed or unknown sex. The sign is also sometimes called "grisehale" [pig's tail]. BBC and 2 Entertain.

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